Wednesday, April 14, 2010

letter to editor that NDN did not publish

The strike at the Nelson District Credit Union has given rise to a number of serious questions.
 • Does the strike have some overriding gender issues? The majority of the individuals walking the picket line are female. Conversely, the management working inside during the strike are mainly male. One wonders how many of the female workers are single mothers whose ability to withstand a lengthy strike are limited? Is the avoidance of the negotiating table a strategy to wear down the employees?
 • Why is the member elected board silent on the issues of the strike? The main spokesperson appears to be the manager who is an employee of the membership. As a member, I would like to hear from the elected Board which has a fiduciary responsibility to the membership.
 • What has happened to the mission statement which in part states:
” Through careful and ethical stewardship of our members’ resources, financial success is shared by members and communities that we so strongly support.
Realizing that change is constant, our ability is to manage, adapt and innovate is critical to achieving these goals”.
Change is constant and, therefore, one wonders why the Board is so hesitant to come to the table to discuss the outstanding issues. Is there resistance to change? How many Board members actually sit at the negotiating table? Who is driving the bus?
 • Research notes that highly successful and productive businesses have exemplary records in maintaining trust and respect for their employees. A good employee/employer relationship displays itself in loyalty and productivity. Leaving employees outside week after week without facilitating a resumption of the negotiating table gives an impression of a lack of trust and respect. What is the outcome that the Board and management hopes to achieve with a lengthy strike?
It is absolutely crucial that the parties come to the table and approach the contract discussions in a serious and mutually beneficial manner.
R.H. Day

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