Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last blog from the picket line...

Our Employer has had MANY opportunities to show a little grace and goodwill towards their staff in the past 682 days. Even now, as we make arrangements to return to work, they refuse to be flexible.

We wanted/expected, to all return to work together. But NO. They won't budge on that either.

Note: Rather than prolong the situation, our team has (again) conceded to our Employer's demands.

Our employer wants only 6 staff from Nelson, 2 on the East shore, and 3 in Rossland. We've been trying to reason with our employer while they continue refusing to negotiate, dragging us through the media, keeping us waiting - endlessly, and always demanding, their way or the highway. Delaying progress at every opportunity, as well as deceiving us and the Members repeatedly.

Even today their Press Release is misleading. It says "… the employees are being asked to return to work starting Thursday."

They didn't say "the 6 employees" in Nelson, "the 2 employees" in Crawford Bay, nor "the 3 employees" in Rossland...

Our staff have shown ourselves to be professional, courteous and reasonable even under these most difficult of situations. Of this we can be proud. Yet they continue to build resentment, even now, in the final hours before we return to work.

Instead of trying to close the gaps between us, they're setting a poor atmosphere for us to return to.

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