Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's all about control...

Yet another "last day" on the picket line.
We shouldn't be surprised.
Our Employer STILL feels the need to prove they have full control over us... now it's about the "back to work agreement."

(Remember our 1st day of strike? our employer wanted us to wear "Corporate wear"...ON THE PICKET LINE! They were very unhappy to learn that they cannot tell us what to wear... because we're on strike!)

For their last kick at the employees, they are insisting that only tellers and receptionists will report to work first, then the following day, the rest of the staff are to return to work.

It is important to us, as a group, to return to a group, and they know that.

It's not enough that they forced us into this strike, refused to talk to us for 2 months, dragged us through the media... they are still pushing us around, by determining how/when we come back to work. We could have been back to work on April 9/10.

Certainly not the way a co-operative behaves,
and NOT the way towards healing the damage this
strike has caused.

So, here we are... still waiting.

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