Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gratitude and thank yous....

There are so many people who deserve to be acknowledged and praised, for helping us in so many ways, throughout this strike. It would be difficult to to list them all, (and there may be some who do not want their names publicized. )

We would like to say a heartfelt "Thank you!" to each person, business and group, that brought us: food, drinks, words of support, ideas, understanding, letters, donations, love, cheer, wisdom, patience, information, etc, etc, etc.

To everyone that helped us during the strike, (you know who you are,) please accept our sincerest gratitude - we thank you all!

To our negotiating team (Rick, Katie, Karol, and Robert) and our Union Financial Secretary (our leader) Doug Singer, each one deserves a hearty round of applause and a standing ovation for their hard work, on our behalf. Their unfailing dedication, tenacity, and efforts before, and during the strike, will be remembered for a long time. "Thank you" says so little, yet what else can we say?

Overall, we have proven ourselves to be a vibrant, professional and unified group. Working together we will continue to strengthen our ties.

We've also seen the true colours of our employer and are keenly aware that we will need to remain vigilant…

Progress was made, and for that we are grateful. We are proud of our team's efforts, unity and passion.

Our gratitude to our Members, friends, neighbours, businesses and groups is humbling, and we hope that your support will continue, at the AGM next week (April 27-7pm) and beyond.

In solidarity- The United Steel Magnolias.

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