Monday, April 19, 2010

Beyond the picket line...

As we've started to return to work, 6 staff (tellers & reception)-the 1st day -Thurs), most of the rest on Friday, and by Monday I think just about everyone should be back to work.
I hope our members will continue to show patience as we try to get things back to normal.
There's many things that have been left undone, piled up over the past 2 months, to be dealt with by returning staff.
(Also there were some needless things like certificates and personal photos removed from the wall, and boxes of files in another, while the reception area was in total disarray…just a couple of examples of our return to work conditions. ) Anyhow, there was no need for many things, (including the strike) and some things done were just mean.

I'm not saying we were angels (on the picket line). But we helped many people, even while we were outside on the street.
We didn't discourage or prevent people from doing their banking, and answered what questions we could, offered suggestions and options, to help our members during the difficult time.

Meanwhile, our employer was barricading themselves in the bank, posting our wages on the windows and allowing only one member in at a time for service (for most of the strike) and for very limited hours as their
"doorman", screened members before allowing them inside.

I was one of the "lucky" 6 that returned that 1st day back.
It was the 15th - a busy, stressful and long day.
I wasn't the only one with a pounding headache at the end of that day.

Our Employer neglected to advise the Newspaper that there was limited staff returning to work.
Many Members were so happy to be able to finally come in, and not have to cross a picket line.
Numerous people just stopped in to welcome us back, others were surprised to see our familiar faces, and for the whole day too!

However the long line-ups, with only 6 staff trying to serve them all was totally uncalled for and an unpleasant surprise.
(BTW-Management were in the Boardroom having a meeting MOST of the day... AFTER they'd done some work that should've been done by the staff they didn't call back in!)
Already breaking our agreement and continuing to divide us.
Still our members had to wait much longer than they should have.

I hope our members will remember this Strike , when they come to our AGM April 27 at 7pm at the Nelson Prestige.

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